All three Playfish titles in Facebook games top 10!


At Playfish we love to celebrate – and this time we have a good reason! As of today, all three of our social games – Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Word Challenge, and Bowling Buddies – are nestling in the Facebook Top 10 games chart.

facebook games top 10 on 9 June 2008

Combined, our three titles now attract around 700,000 daily unique players who spend on average over 35 minutes per day playing our games.

We’re hugely proud of our studios for this, so wanted to recognise them for a job well done. The fact that we got there in less than 6 months after launch without any external advertising makes it even more worthy of celebrating.

Here are some other metrics from the month of May which we may as well celebrate at the same time:

  1. More than 300 million minutes of monthly player engagement (~10% of YouTube’s monthly engagement!)
  2. More than three million monthly unique players
  3. We’re now a top-3 game focused company on Facebook by engagement

If you’re wondering why we focus on engagement metrics, it’s because we believe engagement is the best way of measuring how much players are enjoying our games and we also believe it’s the best proxy for value for in-game transactions and advertising in the long run.

Anyway, congratulations to our London, Arctic and China studios for an excellent job so far. We’re working hard putting the finishing touches on our next title, so hopefully there will be more to celebrate in the near future!

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25 Responses to “All three Playfish titles in Facebook games top 10!”

  1. javiera Says:

    the games is the best
    i love who has the biggest brain?

  2. Facebook Application der Woche: Word Challenge | Says:

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  3. jeremyliew Says:


  4. The personal homepage of Nicholas Lovell - Internet executive, writer, sailor Says:

    […] all three of its games (Who Has the Biggest Brain?, Bowling Buddies and Word Challenge) were in the Facebook games Top 10, attracting over 750,000 unique users a day for an average of 35 minutes playing time. That’s […]

  5. Henderson Says:

    Five of my fish have died since i started playing the bowling game

    is there a connection?

  6. Terri Says:

    I love the Who Has The Biggest Brain Game and I would LOVE to get it for my math classroom, but facebook is a blocked website at our school. Is there any way to Buy the game? Or a website for it that does not involve facebook?

  7. maroua Says:

    Is there any way I can play without being connected to facebook because facebook is blocked in my country.

  8. MARTINA Says:

    Can you please put Croatian language in the game World challenge?? I will waiting for your answer! Thank you!

  9. siljemolna Says:

    Hi Martina,

    we are constantly evaluating new languages to add. At the moment Croatian is not part of those langauges, but thank you for your suggestion – we will keep that in mind.


  10. Maile Says:

    Can you please publish all your games outside of Facebook? Facebook has been having issues and I do not like having to log in and play through their application. It would even rather go to MySpace than Facebook – anything would be better!

  11. KAREN ANDREA Says:

    pues yo creo que no deberian colocar estos mensajes como para no seguir jugando porfavor la gente tambien necesita estar relajado quiten ese mensaje ya


  12. angelica Says:


  13. diego Says:

    estos juegos son una adiccion, los notebook deberian tener un teclado completo. Me quiero morirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Daniel Radcliffe Says:

    I love who has abigest brain ?

  15. Playfish raises $1m from Accel Partners Says:

    […] all three of its games (Who Has the Biggest Brain?, Bowling Buddies and Word Challenge) were in the Facebook games Top 10, attracting over 750,000 unique users a day for an average of 35 minutes playing time. That’s […]

  16. Dimitra Says:

    hello dears!!!!!!!!!!!

    really good job!! well done!!!!!

    I really enjoy playing pet society but you have to find a way to give us more money!!!

    I spend many hours trying to wash, play or feed my friends but it is not enough!!!!

    do something!!!!!!!!!

  17. marlen brown Says:

    Impressed with the informative blog. Thanks

  18. curious_girl Says:

    I admit the day playfish appeared on facebook was the day i got hooked! LOVE LOVE LOVE playfish games. Its just so cute looking and not only that, they are very interesting to play. I’m sure anyone who plays any playfish game will agree with me when i say “i spend hours playing and its so much fun!”

    check out my blog

  19. mastagamer Says:

    Buen sitio, encontr una cierta informacin til aqu.

  20. johney runescape Says:

    To much gaming is bad for your health! you will get fat!!! there are loads of other things you can do in life. but still a awsome blog

  21. cedrick Says:

    I want all top 10 playfish games in face book !!!

  22. 甜草莓 Says:


  23. Taylor Miller Says:


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