Our third title is… Bowling Buddies!


Bowling Buddies from Playfish

It feels like only a few days since we launched our second title Word Challenge (mainly because, well, it is), but it’s time to reveal our third title for social networks. It’s called Bowling Buddies, it’s the debut title by our team over at the Playfish Arctic studio, and is available to play now on Facebook!

We chose bowling because it’s one of the most fun ways to socialise with friends. You don’t bowl alone in the real world – you bowl with friends and family – and we wanted to capture those competitive elements for our game too. We are very excited about two innovations in Bowling Buddies: a new kind of control system which makes it very easy to pick up play, and we’ve thrown in some 3D graphics as well!

On the controls side, most bowling games use meters where you click to set the direction, then click again to set the power and spin. We’ve gone for something different – and more natural – in that you bowl with your mouse, by grabbing the ball and, well, just… bowl. We worked a long time on the mechanic to get it right, and then built Bowling Buddies around it. On the graphics side, we’ve added a sprinkle of 3D to the cut-scenes, character art and in-game visuals to make it richer. Although for slower machines you can turn off 3D and still have a game that plays well.

For launch, we wanted to make Bowling Buddies a fun, competitive bowling game where you can customize your character and compete with friends and you network. But we’ve got lots of exciting features in the works for the future, so look out for those and please provide feedback in the game forum as always!

Feel like putting your bowling skills to the test? Head here!

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51 Responses to “Our third title is… Bowling Buddies!”

  1. Chad Boyda Says:

    Well done guys!

  2. Nigel Rowe Says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic new game guys !

    My friends and I all love Biggest Brain, we’re addicted to Word Challenge, but Bowling Buddies is the game that I think will take Playfish to the top of the Facebook games charts.
    Easy to learn, fun to play, good graphics and an innovative way to challenge your friends – fantastic !

    Many many thanks for creating these games for everyone, and may you all have continued success in what is a very competitive business.

  3. Knut Urdalen Says:

    Great! You are doing a lot of things right here 🙂 Really nice to see a social Flash game using real time 3D physics. Kudos for implementing simple and addictive game concepts and showing innovation by using the latest technologies available. I also like the concepts of achievements which make you want to play even more.

  4. santiago Says:

    por favor mandarme este juego para poder jugarlo en facebook

  5. santiago Says:

    Great! You are doing a lot of things right here Really nice to see a social Flash game using real time 3D physics. Kudos for implementing simple and addictive game concepts and showing innovation by using the latest technologies available. I also like the concepts of achievements which make you want to play even more.

  6. johanna gamboa Says:

    hola bueno les comento que las dos primeras aplicaciones estan geniales porque miden la capacidad cognitiva y ayudan a desarrollar competencias. El de bolos la tercera aplicacion esta malisima, la verdad no le gustó a mi grupo social, los felicito por la creatividad y pues espero que si crean mas juegos sean de inteligencia que son emocionantes y bien entretenidos.

  7. joe- Says:

    nice one guys, really adictive, if you need spanish translation just ask

  8. Andryv Says:

    Quisiera saber como hacer tanto puntaje en esete juego, osea tener mas de 300 puntos…que gracias…

  9. Justin Says:

    Excellent game. We have much fun and laughter challenging among friends. We would also like to see Team Challenge to be included too. That would be great. Thank alot for this great game.

  10. eric Says:


  11. Nicolas Says:

    El juego es bueno en entretenimiento, si es q nunca has jugado un juego de bolos mejor (mi novia opinaba que era muy bueno y le mostre otros juegos y cambio de opinion), ya que las graficas son o muy lentas o muy rapidas, la bola si uno se sale con el primer impulso de el cuadro de juego, al volver el spin simplemente no se puede realizar, los pinos a veces son atravezados por otros pinos sin caerse (lo cual encuentro algo muy extraño, es como si al caer los pinos que quedaron tambaleando los que estan en pie ya no existen) y el modo 2D i siquiera tiene una referencia para saber la cantidad de spin que se ha realizado, si uno hace el logro del payaso debe esperar a que la bola caiga al final en vez de acortar eso.
    Los juegos anteriores son sumamente divertidos y no tengo ninguna queja (excepto cierta cantidad de jugadores con bots, que incluso en mi grupo de amigos hay algunos, me sorprende que incluso haya videos de eso en youtube) pero este juego solo me causa algo de frustracion. Creo que estaba aun demasiado en beta para lanzarlo al mercado

  12. Net Says:

    Love the game but few of my friends want to play the challenge games. Can you put in an option to throw open a challenge game to someone outside of your friends circle? Also have completed all the tasks now except the perfect game. Can we have more things to aim for to keep us interested?


  13. Mark Milner Says:

    I keep being frozen out in the middle of a game. sometimes i am being disconnected , and now i have recieved a message asking me to contact you if i still see a message while trying to play while connected to facebook

  14. Benji Says:

    [Posted on discussion board | 07Jun08]

    Can’t fault the game itself – easy to pick up but just frustrating enough to keep you coming back.

    That said – for general play It’d be cool to see a split frame to be denoted with an S in the frame box (as you find in real bowling – particularly sweet if you manage to pick up the spare) and you’re average as well as your high score in your stats, would be cool.

    But THREE simple improvements would help with challenge matches/tables.

    (1) Rank the table by number of wins and then by AVERAGE SCORE IN CHALLENGE MATCHES (or at least average in last 10 challenges) – this way people who play more matches further up the table (assuming they win) and people who score high but lose close ones will be rewarded by higher ranking and gives them incentive if they split out early in a game. And also allows you to see what form people are in.

    (2) Show somewhere the outstanding challenges that you have made – so you’re not constantly sending challenges to people who don’t want to play at that time.

    (3) Show both complete games when viewing challenge results – just to see how close it was or where the game was won or lost (I find answering challenges much more interesting as the opponents score adds as you go. Adds gameplay pressure!)

    A final improvement would be to remove people that you have already invited from the invite list so that you don’t select them only to find out you already invited them before (have seen this in other apps).

    And possibly leagues that you can set up and join so you can play non-friends…?

    Apologies if any have been mentioned before. Any thoughts?

  15. Eduardo Antezana Says:

    buen juego, pero es verdad, pero le falto agregar algun tipo de bonus que lo convierta en una experiencia mas extrema, por ejemplo: en los 2 titulos anteriores habia un limite de tiempo, aqui uno juega al ritmo que uno quiera y eso lo convierte en poco atractivo, ademas que falta algun tipo de imagen por rango como en los anteriores… No se un “tienes la fuerza de un gusano” o que se yo, esas cosas que son caracteristicas de lso anteriores y que generan competencia, este mas bien es como un juego flash cualquiera de facebook.
    PD: en todo caso sigan asi, sus dos primeros titulos han arrasado en facebook , sigan con la idea de generar competencia entre amigos de una manera entretenida y les seguira llendo bkn 😛

  16. Alexis Gallagher Says:

    All the players with whom I have had contact would be very happy if Bowling Buddies could calculate our average score too.

  17. Alexis Gallagher Says:

    I completely agree with Benji

  18. Alain Bou Nafeh Says:

    I was addicted first to “who has the biggest brain” then i jumped to “Bowling Buddies” and returned no to “Word challenge”. I feel that Playfish is always in my room as long as i am in it.
    I want to be a Playfish team member, why do you have the chance to be part of my life, so i am asking for a chance to try in any way to be a part of Playfish.
    Thank you for these cool games, and welcome to my room.

  19. raghav Says:

    dear friends,
    i am a huge addict of playfish bowling buddies. please tell how can i unlock the clown achievement trophy as thats the best i think i can do.
    please reply asap.
    thanks in advance

  20. wartiger Says:

    yes i want to learn the answer of same question with raghav

  21. KamiL GenceL Says:

    To earn clown achievement…

    make 0 points… ;=) thanx thanx 😀

    Kamil GenceL kamil_sivas@hotmail.com

    anyone who wants can add me….

    i am a good friend…

  22. Kathy McIntosh Says:

    It used to be a great game. Then once the scroll mouse bowling was disabled (thank you!) for those that were playing that way, the game became extremely choppy/jerky and now, unable to control the ball and/or speed!!! I’ve almost given up on this game…..*sigh*. Aside from the fact that I’ve bowled nearly 800 games and have YET to bowl a 300. (Yes, I was one of the first to complain about the corner pins. And after I won that award, you started up with the splits.) Now, I can throw 8 frames in a row, and they are IDENTICAL. Pin fall and count. My highest game to date is 278 and I guess that’s what it will be when I remove the app.

    Haven’t you ever heard of the saying….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it??

  23. pedro Says:

    es muy bueno pero deverien de colocarlo en español

  24. pedro Says:

    aja es un juego muy entrenenido

  25. SAm Says:

    I wanted to say that you should really work on making it more realistic. I am a Pro Bowler and it is not even close to how the pins should fall or break in many cases. It needs work!

  26. Ann says Says:

    I wanted to say just scored my highest score ever so far and it did not recored it. can you tell me why.
    It says im not connected to the web, but i am and keeps going off all the time. no it wont let me play at all.

  27. Elynmarie Kazle Says:

    I saved up over $500 in playfish bucks to get a new bowling outfit. The camo outfit. I purchased it with my bucks, you charged my account … yet the next time I signed in, the camo out fit was gone and my account was still charged.


  28. Elynmarie Kazle Says:

    AND to top it off, there is no way to get support or help on this.


  29. MZK Says:

    do zero score in game

  30. Mary jane Baker Says:

    Loading is so slow & it does not respond in the middle of the game. I love the game but I am thinking of quitting.

  31. rubicundior Says:

    i prefer pet society

  32. Josh Says:

    Great app! I think your stats should include your average though.

  33. Patricia Earnhardt Tyndall Says:

    Love Bowling Buddies, but I have a question: When I play it on my MacBook about half way through the game, my fan comes on and has to run harder and harder as the game progresses. Once I quit the game, the fan returns to normal. Any idea what gives?

  34. Katrina Says:

    Great game i want to bowl now?

  35. Lisa Says:

    I can’t figure out how to change characters from male to female..been playing as a male for some quite time now..and would like to change to a female..if u have any answers for me please email me and let me know how to change from male to female.it’ll be greatly appreciated.

  36. Bowl Says:

    I have played a better one at candystand before! But this one is still good!

  37. Silje Mølnå Says:


    you can change your character by doing the following:

    Click on “Shop” in the main menu
    Above the characters head there will now be a male/female icon visible
    Click on the male/female icon
    Your character will now be a female


  38. Yvonne Jones Says:

    What’s going on with bowling buddies? Just spent 1000 credits to buy a pink bowling bowl which I didn’t get yet ther bowling bucks were taken anyway. What’s going on?

  39. leanne agnew Says:

    I love this game just just recently it keeps freezing up and heaps of people are having the same problem. I have updated flashplayer and still no different the ball wont release and it freezes and the ball goes wherever it wants can you please fix it thanks

  40. Penny Serediuk Says:

    Please fix this application as the ball keeps freezing and it kicks me right out of a game in the middle!!

  41. Immorryallelf Says:

    I made on photoshop anime myspace pictures.
    take a look at them:
    Thanks for your website 😉 xoxoxo

  42. Xan Says:

    Love this game, but after 3 goes it shuts my computer down completely – this seems to happen when I’m playing Pet Society to. Is it you or is it me?

    BTW: my computer shutting down randomly only ever happens with playfish games, and I’ve defragged, virus scanned and all the other usual fixits.

  43. Elynmarie Kazle Says:

    Recently a comment was published on the bowling buddies site. I did not write this comment and respectfully would like to have it removed.
    Thank you very much for your assistance.
    Elynmarie Kazle

  44. Ardent Says:

    This is actually pretty fun, other than the few glitches.

  45. gamefreak Says:

    Buen sitio, encontr una cierta informacin til aqu.

  46. Stacy Says:

    ATTN: XAN (November 2008 comment):

    When I am playing Pet Society my computer will completely shut down eventually – as if I hit the power button. This sucks as I play the game all the time – but I have no problems with my computer elsewhere. If you ever find a fix, please let me know as I, like you, have tried everything.

  47. bloonsterific Says:

    Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

  48. basinrunner Says:

    Played the game for days and am addicted to it, but all of a sudden two days ago, it takes 10 minutes to load, freezes up IE and when it has completely loaded the game hardly runs. Love the game, but this sucks.

  49. Sidney Sengbusch Says:

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  50. ALeyRA Says:

    Thanks Good admin Post.

  51. piazzaamassimo@live.it Says:


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