Our second title is… Word Challenge!


One of the frequent bits of feedback we’ve had on Who Has The Biggest Brain? is people asking if we can include some verbal games, to complement the ones based on numbers and abstract thinking.

So we’re pleased to announce our second social game – a title that focuses entirely on verbal ability. It’s called Word Challenge, and it’s available to play now on Facebook.

The objective is to create words from the letters provided as fast as you can. There are 40,000 to find and we’ve tried to keep the game very fast and arcade-centric, like Who Has The Biggest Brain?

You start every game with two minutes of time to find as many words as possible, but you get bonus time whenever you find a word with four letters or more. When you run out of time you are shown the words that you missed – with the ability to click on them a definition of what the word means. At the end, you get a rating from 20 vocabulary types, ranging from mime to a poet – taking in drill sergeant, circus ringmaster, hermit and rock star along the way.

We’re launching the game with English, Spanish and French dictionaries and will be looking to support more with time. We’ve pushed out the boat when it comes to connected elements too. For example, there are bonus rounds where you have to unscramble your Facebook friends’ names for extra points. And we’ve got competitive elements like weekly, monthly and all-time high-scores between you and your friends.

There’s also something new: a challenge mode, where you go head-to-head against a friend. It’s to settle those arguments about who’s best, without any complaints that one of you got easier or harder words to work from. It’s asynchronous, so you play through, and then your friend receives the challenge, and plays with the same words as you did.

We’re really excited about Word Challenge and hope you’ll enjoy it. All feedback is welcome on the game forums as always!

Want to play? Head here, and don’t forget to tell your friends…

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84 Responses to “Our second title is… Word Challenge!”

  1. Asmo Halinen » Blog Archive » Playfish comes out with their second title Says:

    […] have just published their second Facebook application – Word Challenge. I haven’t even tested it yet, but even still I’m already pretty sure it is going to be […]

  2. Caroline Says:

    I love the new game! I play it every day!

  3. mikee Says:

    Great idea. But sadly it seems this game is a lot easier to cheat than who has the biggest brain, which was uncheatable.
    Hope you fix this whith renewed concept as soon as possible. Great spirit in your design and games.

  4. Martin Says:

    please fix the spanish diccionary, because it´s a disaster, most of the words don´t exist, and some of them that do exist don´t appear. Also, it may be a good idea to allow verbs in all of it´s forms (still talking about spanish). You could put verbs in past, present, future, first person, second person, third person, there´s like a million different verbs.
    You could even ask the “Real Academia Española” to help you, i´m sure they would be really happy to promote a game that makes people improve their language.
    Over all the game is great, just as well as Who´s got the biggest brain? (by the way, it´s awsome that you make fun out of all those “IQ” tests that suck)
    You guys are soo cool, hope you get filthy rich!!

  5. kristian segerstrale Says:

    Thanks Martin for the feedback and glad you like the games. As you point out, the Spanish version is still in beta and agreed it has many shortcomings currently. We are working on it – one you see the “beta” flag disappear from the dictionary it means it has been fixed! Appreciate the feedback!

  6. beto Says:

    esta genial el juego juego todos los dias me e echo adicto XD

    sigan asi

    esta muy chido

  7. J Marcelo Says:

    This is a great game …………………. a lot of fun in facebook

  8. Masa Says:

    Any chance that we can play this game with Japanese dictionary?
    As you know the language barrier between western and eastern languages are big.
    I`m sure that there will be lots of people who would like to play it 🙂

  9. richie Says:

    i like all these games so far, really good quality for face book type games, good work!! what does being a beta tester entail?

  10. Arval Says:

    the poet score is the last one…? i have 18870 points…

  11. Patricio Berrios Lobos Says:

    I just tested the game and it’s very fun; maybe not as fun as Who Has the Biggest brain (because the later has a lot more variety), but Playfish sure knows how to seize the Facebook platform to add clever features (like guessing the name of one of your friends).

    Indeed the spanish version is lacking some commonly used words… perhaps the system can learn new words the users teach them (backing them up with a valid dictionary link).

    I would love to develop characters and animations for this kind of games 😛


  12. Kevin - KevO oo (Facebook Says:

    Wow its wicked, does it make me a genius that I got 39,316 – if you don’t believe me check ma Facebook lol

    I tihnk i have picked up my good vocabulary from great TV shows like Eastenders, The Bill and Brookside

  13. Chris Says:

    I have to admit, I joined the dark side. Word games have always frustrated me, for some reason my mind goes blank when seeing jumbled letters, I couldn’t stand seeing my friends beating me so I cheated… As soon as I finished playing I was ashamed – I uninstalled the game and left a status message admitting my poor sportsmanship.

    Nice idea, too easy to cheat.

  14. Gilbert Says:

    This game is amazing, I just tell you the same about spanish dictionary… obvious words are missed and others very strange and/or unusual are present. When you can fix the words selection in spanish (and other languages I guess) that will by perfect.

    Another suggestion, on top you can found an arranged list of words, if you can “shuffle” that lists (just keeping letters length order), could be more difficult, I can use that lists as guide for found words that I don’t know following the alphabet order… with 3 letters words is easy.

    Keep working, you do a really fabulous work!

  15. Rogelio Says:

    A suggesstion for the spanish dictionary it’s that you should specify that it’s the spanish from spain dictionari cause thera are a lot of words that doesn’t exists in the mexican one.

  16. Sebastien Says:

    In deed ! GREAT GAME !
    But is it possible to download it to play offline ?

    Thanks again for your work !

  17. hector Says:

    Im forbidden to play at work, because the darn admin blocked facebook, and I want to play sometimes to feel a little relaxed, is there some possibility to play out from facebook??
    it shortens a lot your growing possibilities.

  18. carlos Says:

    quiero tener word challenge

  19. rodrigo Says:

    id like know when u will put the ranking world in word chalenge?

  20. Williams Says:

    Solamente se puede jugar desde facebook, o hay otra manera de jugarlo

  21. Martino Says:

    Some friends of mine and I would like to help in beta-testing for the italian language. If you think we can help you, please contact me, and we will be glad to help you in updating the italian dictionary!

  22. Andrés Says:

    I’m very glad you upgraded the spanish dictionary. I understand it’s still in beta, but I’d just like to warn you about the use of especial letters like á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, î. They are all valid, but today I got the word “maître” and it was impossible to me to even type the letter “î”. Also there’s a common knowledge that when tou write using capital letters you don’t use especial letters, ie: maître = MAITRE. Anyway, your game is awesome. Hope you keep improving the spanish dictionary, maybe in the future add portuguese since I’m originally from there.

  23. W.Q.S Says:

    Is it possible to get these brilliant games onto other websites? My friend is unable to get facebook but wants to play the game.

  24. dafni Says:

    I loved it

    i repost the message of Hector taht same case as me :

    Im forbidden to play at work, because the darn admin blocked facebook, and I want to play sometimes to feel a little relaxed, is there some possibility to play out from facebook??
    it shortens a lot your growing possibilities.

    I tried it in English , any changes in GReek?????? 😀
    Great work , love the sounds dont change them , also the design .

  25. whew Says:

    i can’t live without it!!!!!

  26. Qui veut jouer avec moi ? - Loisirs - blog mon quotidiet par ptipimous Says:

    […] un jeu qui permet de bien s’occuper quand on a du temps à tuer. L’application Word Challenge  édité par playfish et disponible sur […]

  27. Alberto Says:

    20741 points!!! oooooooh yeah

  28. Josefina Says:

    no puedo jugar!! porq puede ser????? alguien ayudeme

  29. robbie Says:

    incredibly addictive

  30. kareece Says:

    thank you that i can play

  31. sol Says:

    El juego me parece optimo,si,hay muchas palabras que no estan en el diccionario,lo que si no me gusta,es ver que creo o mejor dicho hay trampa de algunos jugadores,pues pienso que en dos minutos no se pueden crear tantas palabras como para hacer un puntaje tan alto,veo en Facebook,que hay personas que tienen una muy alta puntuacion,demasiada para ser creible,de todas formas pienso que se estan haciendo trampa,ojala y eso se corrija,pues es un juego para entretener y saber que tanto uno sabe.

  32. El Prostíbulog » Cosas que pueden pasar en 30 días Says:

    […] Hice 18874 puntos en Word Challenge. […]

  33. Alex Says:

    Hi !

    I’ve been playing Word Challenge in the French Beta version. I love it, and play alot, but I’d like to say that the words are not always accurate, and plenty of possibilities are missing. I also don’t get why sometimes Names are accepted and sometimes not. There are also weird accronyms that work. I don’t want to get into details, cause there would be alot, but just wanted to let you know that the French version needs a good revision.

    Thanks for your games, they are quite entertaining !

  34. beccajo Says:

    thanks for the game i think everyone could play on this and its the best game ive helpd my brother and my brothers freind on it thanks and good luck on the next game u make. thanks for all ur help and good bye


  35. beccajo Says:

    ur games r quite intresting and entertaining.

  36. Juan Andrés Says:

    this game is the most bigger…. but with some error…

  37. Laura D Says:

    Spanish game is not correct. There are a huge amount of words in english in the spanish version, other words are misspelled, others that doesn´t exist in spanish and others that make no sense at all. Please check your game because it is a great game to play but most of the time is not correct. Thank you for such wonderful game.

  38. Andrés Videla Canessa Says:

    Los juegos son muy buenos, pero en Word Challenge en español hay un error con las palabras, hay algunas que no existen y otras que existen pero que no las reconoce.

  39. Sana K Says:

    Hi! I love playing at word challenge oo on FB, I installed the Hotspot shield today but there is error message popping when I click on the game icone.. is it temporary or is the hotsopt shield preventing me from playing?
    thank you so much!

  40. HAHAHAHAH Says:

    this is an awsome game, especially on fb!!!!

  41. Nudd Says:

    I LOVE word challenge – its almost become an addiction. One thing though, if there is more than one 6 letter word in a puzzle would it be possible to give the user one bonus round for each 6 letter word they get?

  42. Maurys Says:

    I agree with Laura D and Andrés, the game’s concept it’s great but is the content that is not working! Please check it and fix it so we can score more and more!

  43. Belle Says:

    i love playing puzzles.

  44. Mildred Griffin Says:

    Twice I have had a score of over 5000 on Word Challenge and it didn’t register. Did I do something wrong to keep it from showing in the results against the others playing?

  45. Mildred Griffin Says:

    Did it need the full address of facebook to take care of the moderation?

  46. Jonathan Brown Says:

    Poet is not the highest my highest score is 56556 and thats anagram cyborg however it was anagram cyborg when i first hit 35k or so so im not sure if it gets any higher than that

  47. Jonathan Brown Says:

    82496. nice score aint it

  48. terence Says:

    lmao. poets not the highest its anagram cyborg, with my score of 59890.

  49. maureencavill@hotmail.com Says:

    very good game,and very addictive.

  50. helen Says:

    Time For Kids Almanac 2009 Rocks??!!!!
    HAve u read it ?????

  51. teresa aldave rossi Says:

    es muy divertido

  52. Frankie Says:

    Word challenge is such a good game .. keeps me busy for hours but facebook is down atm and i cant play! 😦
    so addictive! i cnt manage to beat my mum x
    so goin to keep playin till i do x

  53. Jeppe Says:

    Hi. I like all your games.
    My favourites are:

    Pet Society
    Geo Challenge
    Who has the biggest brain
    Bowling buddies

    Looking forward to the next game 😉

  54. Jeppe Says:

    My score in word challenge is: 18,954

  55. joaquin espinoza Says:


    el juego es super bueno lo unico malo es que aveces hay palabra
    inventadas porque busco en el diccionario y no aparece nada po eso deven
    poner palabras que si existen porque asi uno nunca va a sacar alto
    puntaje con palabras que no existen


  56. Karyn Says:

    I’d also like to see a world-wide listing like on Geo Challenge and Biggest Brain. I’m up to 65,322 and would like to see the highest scores!

  57. Wa Wa Says:

    my score in word challenge is 22494
    anyone who is an teenager can beat me
    if you do comment playfish’s blog and tell me!
    check this site every day ^.^~~~!!

  58. Wa Wa Says:

    any one beated my child score of 22494?

  59. yea Says:

    Is there an easy way to know these words on word challenge… I can’t ever get all of them… id there a cheat out there?

  60. MMG Says:

    51583 for me ! I’m an “Anagram Cyborg”… Anyone knows what are the higher categories ?

  61. Fra181 Says:

    do you believe is possible a score of 107000!!! or is it just a cheat?

  62. MarkM Says:

    I’m sure I will get accused of cheating…but

    my high score is 1,001,121

    There is a simple strategy to the game and if you type fast enough, you can literally play the game non-stop hours on end.

    My goal was 1,000,000 and once I hit it I still had 2:00 to spare on the clock.

    It took me about 2 hours of non-stop playing to hit that score.

    The idea is to keep continuously moving to the next board…fill up the level meter to the left of the existing blocks and move on.

    I’m wondering who has the highest score overall…I know I have to be close.

  63. Wa Wa Says:

    well, in saying my score is 53998!!!!
    and guess how old am I????

  64. Wa Wa Says:

    I AM ONLY 7 YRS OLD!!!

  65. omar Says:

    los felicito por el juego y me uno a todos los que dicen que faltan muchas
    palabras llevo apenas una par de semanas jugandolo pero no puedo dejar
    de hacerlo quisiera conocer mas trucos para bonificar y asi poder mejorar
    mi puntaje desde Bogota Colombia le he enviado el juego a todos mis conocidos para disfrutarlo aun mas felicitaciones adios

  66. Federico Says:

    HI! Your games are awesome guys. Keep up the good work!
    Just wondering what are those little smileys on the top right corner of my friends photos… Are you actually using some sort of mood detection? Thanks!

  67. MarcArginin Says:

    thx for the great stuff! keep up your nice work

  68. Jess Says:

    I woz on facebook N i got adicted to dis game, its great and is edjucational! u learn how 2 spell wordz n u learn new wordz u never even knew wer der!! x

  69. Mellontron2000 Says:

    Did U guys see the new Word Challenge Tv Show!?!?!?


  70. Dov G Says:

    I got a high score of 101532 which took me less half an hour of play (work?). And I’m not even a native English speaker. So how did I do it? A hint is to check out my background. 😉

  71. stellar_forever Says:

    just got a high score of 119290!!! beat that =)

  72. stellar_forever Says:

    wow MarkM! 1,000,000 seriously??? i was like braggin and all abt my score and then i read ur post, haha. but i know what you mean, ive kinda mastered the game and yeah you’re right, if you type fast enough, u CAN play for hours on end! but im just happy i beat my friend’s scores, haha. =)

  73. alaa Says:

    than you

  74. milan Says:

    my score is 23015 for now…

  75. Topmodel Says:

    I like the game, especially the comic-style which really rules. Well, my english isn’t perfect (I’m german) but with the game I can train a lil bit for my exams, haha. 🙂

  76. Randomness Says:

    I hope there is indonesian language version too.. btw good game.. very addictive.. you are all so pro.. any tips to share? :p

  77. elmerr Says:

    lol i love word challenge as most of you seem to and yeh i love it how im number 1 on my list by over 450, 000 points, nobody can master it like me. im sitting at just over 500, 000 points. whats sad is that i regularly score in this area, people have mentioned it before, u just have to be quick and the longer u play the more you recognise the boards that come up so you can remember the longer words. lol.
    i wish there was a world high score list for that, id like to see where i rank!

  78. Wunjio Says:

    I can’t say I like this game because I can’t play it.
    I’m subscribed in facebook since June, and I have never seen it working: everytime the links leads me to the not-working page in playfish.
    Once the page seemed to be opening, but a moment and again the page lost connection.
    What should I do?! Is this an error of my computer? Is it normal?….
    My friends say that they do really like it.
    I can’t reply!

    hope someone will help me………..

  79. daniel parel Says:

    its very easy my rank now is a cyborg somthin’

  80. Pierre Says:

    you should check out my score,. i was on a roll baby.!

  81. Annmarie Says:

    I Love the game , but at times it slows down and you cant continue, pisses me off

  82. Cara Says:

    Lovin’ Word Challenge! It’s awesome!!! My high score, which I just got, is 314142. Please, those of you who are going to say I’m cheating – I’m not. I know their are other people out there with that score who have cheated, but I didn’t, I work on words four letters or more and I have played for quite some time so I can get the words quicker. I have gotten faster at typing too through playing it, which helps greatly.
    Well done to Playfish for making this – It’s fun, educational, and basically great!

  83. Vassily Says:

    It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.

  84. Anonimo Says:

    el word challenge se tiene q jugar en facebook si o si o en otra pagina si saben la pagina de jugar sin facebook pasenmela

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