Kicking off in-game advertising in Who Has The Biggest Brain?


Who Has The Biggest Brain?

Just as Who Has The Biggest Brain? is approaching the two million installs mark on Facebook, you might have noticed our first steps into in-game advertising, courtesy of Google.

In the US that means short rich media (ie, video) ads, while in other parts of the world it means static images or text. The ads are placed at the end of the game, just before you start another session – an “interstitial” in industry speak. Why? We believe in giving players YouTube-like instant access to game play rather than forcing people to sit through an ad before they can play or having a set of distracting banners around the game. Rich media ads at the end of the game however provide a nice short break before the next intense gaming session to beat your friend’s score. Plus we think they’re pretty cool too!

These are early days – we’re still experimenting and considering different ways of allowing for sponsorship in social games which are both efficient for advertisers and enjoyable from an user-experience standpoint.

Let us know what your thoughts are! And now, back to the lab…

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22 Responses to “Kicking off in-game advertising in Who Has The Biggest Brain?”

  1. Tom Humes Says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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  3. Ross Bines Says:

    An interesting idea, but a bad idea in my opinion. Those adventising mid way apps don’t work, just look at websites that use them when you go to specific pages. People just click skip cos they wanna do what they want, not have some advertising shoved their faces just cos the company wanted to get extra money.

  4. Dianne S Says:

    Personally, I find those advertisements very annoying and it’s enough to make me discontinue playing. For the short-burst casual, game experiences of titles like Who Has the Biggest Brain and Word Challenge, an advertisement between sessions is be intolerable.

  5. david ricardo santeliz Says:

    yo david ricardo santeliz quiero entrar a jugar para ver como se juega y para ganar puntos.

  6. jouen Says:

    nouvelles expériences , une facon de plus de se détendre au calme

  7. Daniela Says:

    Nobody really reads them
    Sad But True

  8. Daniella Says:

    I love this game It`s realy very intrerrested mwah!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Beba! Says:

    Please put the game at!
    I play it in Facebook and i lova it!

  10. yasna carter Says:

    quiero jugar!! por que me encanto el jueguito 🙂

  11. mrwan hamza Says:

    it is an interisting game but my score is good as my age my age 12years old and my score is 2789

  12. giselle Says:

    holi me encanta jugar besitos!♥♥♥

  13. SUPERKARLA Says:

    Det er bare et godt spil

  14. mariciel Says:

    me gusto el juego
    es un vicio

  15. Lolita Jenn Says:

    wish playfish provide more products to play on facebook, they are very knowledgable. It should be a practical, durative project.

  16. carlos Says:

    aqui quiero jugar

  17. katu Says:

    que beno es el jogo besoooooooosssssssssssssssss

  18. jose luis rios Says:


  19. carliita Says:

    olas me paso pasate
    soii carliita

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