Who Has The Biggest Brain? breaks into the Facebook games top-10


cube.gifThe past few weeks have been pretty significant for Who Has The Biggest Brain? Our competitive brain trainer reached 1 million installs as well as breaking into the Facebook games top-10 by active users (235,000 today). It’s currently at #7 chasing the likes of Scrabulous and Texas Hold’em Poker!

It’s great to be in the top-10 less than 100 days after launch, but at Playfish we’re even more excited about the engagement the game is generating. Who Has The Biggest Brain? generates more than 1 million games played per day, with active users playing for around 25-30 minutes per day. Compared to the average time spent by Facebook users of around 20-25 minutes a day on the site we think our figures are pretty significant.

We might not be at the level of the 50+ minutes a day racked up by the average user of casual games portal Pogo, but we’re still encouraged by our progress so far. It’s also been fun seeing Who Has The Biggest Brain? Become an object around which people interact socially, with some intense bragging and discussion about techniques going on in the forum.

Our data provides an interesting counterpoint to Reuters’ recent article on how ‘social networks need to be useful to make money’, which was pretty down on “lightweight” games in favour of more “practical” applications like stock quotes and booking tickets.

We’d argue that successful social games are anything but lightweight, especially when the social features are truly integrated with the gameplay. What do you think?

screenshot_1.jpg who has the biggest brain (missing sign)

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12 Responses to “Who Has The Biggest Brain? breaks into the Facebook games top-10”

  1. andres posada Says:

    why only facebook user may play this games!!!!!!???

    may I play in a near future play those social games in another places on the internet????

    tell me, please!!!
    or may be you would take this in mind and then put on your own site the possibility to play and stablish your own “net” of social players.. I don’t know, I just know that I want to play this kind of games but I don’t want to be inside facebook.. just like many other people.
    think about it!!

  2. Eyal Says:

    I want to play this game too, but i don’t want to sign up to Facebook.
    where can i play this game?

  3. biggest brain Says:

    this game makes people crazy

  4. lluisnolla Says:


    I will add my report in spanish about this game, in this way, more people will have an easy access to this game

    Artículo en Español: http://mrnolla.wordpress.com/2008/04/10/who-has-the-biggest-brain/

  5. Dada Says:

    Game is great i have 2901p and i found bout the game last week.
    I will try to get to 4000p or more.tnx

  6. Angelo Says:

    This game is pretty cool, I played it about 60 times and I have 3091 points, I want to reach the 5001 points made by the Neuronian crazy guy!! ahahahah

  7. David Says:

    the bowling game is cool but here an idea you should add make your own team and let us other bowler play each other

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    Artikelverzeichnis Technik und Unterhaltung…

  9. кoшмap Says:

    Занятно. Хотелось бы еще почитать чего-нибудь об этом же.

  10. RedEye Says:

    Да уж. Спасибо, что заставили задуматься 🙂

  11. Wykoff Says:

    Good. Thanks.

  12. Keitel Says:

    This is a pretty cool site. Cant wait to read some more. scene hair

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