Jobs @ Playfish: looking for Ninjas!


Playfish is a social games company that creates games for people to play together. Founded by casual and mobile games veterans, we believe games are more fun when played with friends and family. So we are working on combining the best elements of casual games, social networks, MMOGs and virtual worlds to create entirely new, more social ways of enjoying great games together. We have studios in London, UK; Tromsø, Norway; and Beijing, China.

Check out the link below for all positions that we’re actively seeking to fill:

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8 Responses to “Jobs @ Playfish: looking for Ninjas!”

  1. mmtherock Says:


  2. Gemma Says:

    Hi, I am currently taking as degree in computer science and I am very interested in Java programming. Do you have any work experience programs or similer at your company?

  3. drawk Says:

    You should open an arizona, US office 🙂 Lots of flash game developers out here…

  4. m.eid89 Says:


  5. Enna Says:

    Do I need to live in London to work with you?

  6. amit Says:

    hi silje! 🙂

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