100,000 friends are getting smarter

100k installs

In the first 25 days post-launch, 50,000 of you installed Who Has The Biggest Brain? It only took another 14 days to pass the 100,000 installs mark. Today, we also passed another milestone: 100,000 game plays a day. To put this in perspective, that’s almost 300 man days of brain training happening every day. In addition, we have also been ranked 19th most active app in the Facebook directory, just below Scrabulous (17th most active). We try to adopt an ethical distribution strategy (eg no forced invite, no spam) and your enthusiastic feedback is really encouraging. Let’s see how long it will take to reach 200,000 installs. Leave your guess in the comments and stay tuned for some fun new features coming your way real soon. Happy brain training!

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39 Responses to “100,000 friends are getting smarter”

  1. Ariah Fine Says:

    speaking of Scrabulous, check out this hilarious video:

  2. ak Says:

    very fun and addictive app… keep it up, i sense big things!

  3. Adrian Forrest Says:

    Best thing to happen to Facebook, addictive, fun, challenging and great bragging rights too (but for how long) 😀 – i had a similar game on my phone, so now i can play online too.

  4. Sebastien de Halleux Says:

    The answer is 9 days. That’s how long it took us to break the 200,000 users barrier. Keep on playing! There are some sweet features coming your way…

    Ariah & everyone: that Scrabulous video is hilarious – who will be the first to make one about Who Has The Biggest Brain? Post the link in the comments!

  5. Andy Says:

    I’ve got something to ask, and can I have your email address, please?

  6. Sebastien de Halleux Says:

    For any game related matters, please post your question on the game board here so that everyone can benefit.
    If your question is not game-related, then contact Playfish directly by email:
    info AT playfish DOT com.

  7. MJ Says:

    I love this application, quite addictive and I love that you don’t have to do the same activities all the time, keep up the good work!

  8. Louchelle Says:

    Hey this is a really great game. I play atleast 10 times a day. Great work!
    Can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future…

  9. mara Says:

    WHTBB needs a couple of verbal sections — reading comprehension, analogies, something.

  10. Aurelien Says:


    I really like this game and one thing I would like to see more of is a greater breakdown of statistics. Right now we can see our average score for each area and our top total score.

    I would be interested to see the top score I have achieved in each area along with the avg score, and also how many times I have done each area. Also a chart of my score in each area and total score that is updated each time I play would be very cool so that I can track my progress as I get better.

    Thanks for this addicting game!!

  11. Milena Says:

    I love this game! It’s very addictive!! I used to play checkers online all the time, but now that I started playing the brain game, I have been completely addicted!! Great job! I am looking forward to hearing/reading about your success!!!

  12. Khaled Says:

    Its k00L

  13. Wesam Aleyadeh Says:

    This game is awesome!! lol, of course i was addicted lol, and i was veeeery happy when i got 2100 😀

  14. amanda corolla Says:

    Hey is there anywhere I can play this online other than facebook – looking for a place to play on breaks that wont be blocked from my work firewalls – like facebook.. Thanks!

  15. mathkoor Says:

    i wanna be fast

  16. Evan Says:

    I would like to know how the score is calculated since is not as simple as adding up the 4 scores shown, also how much are you penalized for a wrong answer? am I better off guessing and getting 2 or 3 more right or just not guessing and letting the time run out?

    Finally some of the games are much harder like the puzzle is much harder then the asteroids . Does it compensate for that?

  17. Spyros Says:

    The applicaiton is great and the GUI as well. However, there seems to be an occassional problem in saving a new high score. I played a few times and gotten a better score than the previous ones, and although the appropriate message poped up saying that this was my highest score, it didn’t save it. It kept the previous one. That was a bit disappointing… and did happen to me all together 3 times. Other than that the application is very good.

  18. Mohamed Says:

    I adore this game

  19. Loz Says:

    I hate gaming and I LOVE this game!! I guess just 10 more days til 200K installs!!

  20. eliyahou Says:

    omg i got 2400 and i number 4th in my friend list

  21. jonny Says:

    this game ROCKS ahahah me and my friends are always fighting for the top

  22. anthony Says:

    the card memory game is so not nice!

  23. Sav Says:

    Who Has The Biggest Brain? is definitely my favourite app on Facebook! But can this game be made availabe to people who are not on Facebook?

  24. shpov Says:

    Great and addictive game!

  25. Jeremy Says:

    I can see this application is really great!
    But I CANT add it to my facebook. Need some help here :(!!

  26. Jeremy Says:

    I am unable to add it in my facebook! Need help plz 😦

    I know its a fantastic application!

  27. Danez Says:

    Cute picture and i was kinda surprised that this game consist of 2 sets. and i really like the analytical part… Is there anyway i could install this application other than facebook?

  28. mony Says:

    this play verry good

  29. who has the biggest brain Says:

    i love this game 😉

  30. nono Says:

    i love play this game ilove this website

  31. emma Says:

    fantastic game. am first amonst my friends with 3000. love the games and im sure this brain trainig game is improving my brain. well done, i am also addicted to your other two games thanks

  32. Becoming a Millionaire Says:

    I love these playfish games… the brain one is great ,but I like the word game the best… keep up the good work here 🙂

  33. aneldo arosemena Says:

    this game is cool, because you can found your level mind and beat your friend, my score ys 3053 and i’m 1# in my friend list and 68# in my country

  34. Celebrating 50 million players! « Life at Playfish Says:

    […] was almost exactly a year ago when we wrote a blog post celebrating our 100,000th install on Facebook for Who Has The Biggest Brain? – our first […]

  35. puccaangeli Says:


  36. aldana giacosa Says:

    I love pet society, its beautiful (L)
    and I love my pet, Gaaru . !

  37. katuska Says:

    ola me llamo kathy tengo 13 aos y quero un monito me manego bien con el intrene

  38. katuska Says:

    holamellamo katy y tengo 13 anos y memanego vien conel computadro quero aser me un monito y me quero aser melo tengo intrene y me voy a podre me tre todos los dias apetotisis porquemimama me dega metreme todos los dias y bueno si ustedes me premiten a serme el petotisi mucha gracias espero queme resiban yles guste este imfrome muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss gggggggraciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiasssssssssssscccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  39. LUZ Says:



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