7 Responses to “What people are saying about Who Has The Biggest Brain?”

  1. shahar Says:

    hi there
    i am a facebook member and i love your game…..

    exept for one tiny thing

    i can see where i stand related to my friends….

    and i can see the top 10 “aliens” of the world…

    but what i want is a super statistic page !!

    1. my realtime position to the rest of the wolrd.
    2. my realtime position to the rest of country.
    3. my realtime position to the rest of network.
    4. my average brain size (which will be more stable and reliable the more games i play)
    5. anything else you can come up with which concerns this issue of game statistics.

    i hope u will do something about it soon….

    and don’t forget to make it “updateable” so it won’t erase the users scores.

    by the way……

    i saw that the most clever player on earth is about 3300

    i made it to 2436.


    guess i do have something on my box..


    and thanks for a great game.

    (i hate the puzzle though………..)

  2. shahar Says:

    my email was corrected – playfish – be aware !

  3. Kaydee Says:

    I have played you biggest brain application on facebook (and loving beating all my friends!!!) but recently it has been coming up “network error” : We’re sorry, but this game is designed to run while connected to the Playfish game server.

    If you think you are connected to the Internet and playing the game in Facebook and still see this message, please contact us on info@playfish.com and we’ll look into it!

    I love the game but it is really frustrating me as i can play it one minute and then not the next, was wondering what the problem may be?

  4. cesar hidalgo Says:

    I agree with shahar…. good global statistics page should be a must by now..

  5. nancy Says:


    I love this game,

  6. Taylor Says:

    I like this game, but I absolutely hate the puzzle… the rock counting game is much better IMO.

  7. tzone135 Says:

    love the game, but i think it would be cool if more were added for nonmembers

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